Background Image Creator

Background Image Creator

Info Dropdown

1. Info Dropdown     Clicking this button will show a dropdown menu of Help options. See Help menu dropdown for details.

Help - Controls

2.  Help - Controls     Clicking this button will add a "?" [    ] to the cursor, then, the next control clicked will display an information box about that control. To remove the information box, click anywhere.

Background Image tab

3. Background Image tab     Click the "Background Image Creator" tab, to open the background image creator window.

Background Image Width

4. Background Image Width     Value sets/displays the width of the background image. When the "Use Template Values" is checked, field is read-only.

Background Image Height

5. Background Image Height     Value sets/displays the height (length) of the background image. When the "Use Template Values" is checked, field is read-only.

Use Template Values check

6. Use Template Values check     When checked, width and height values will be determined by the calculated template values.

Image Resolution dropdown

7. Image Resolution dropdown     Sets the image resolution in pixels per inch

Fill Mode dropdown

8. Fill Mode dropdown     Use this dropdown to select desired fill patterns.

Fill Angle

9. Fill Angle     Adjusts the linear gradient angle, linked to slider control (displayed and used for linear gradients only).

Fill Angle / Radial Width controls

10. Fill Angle / Radial Width controls     When a linear gradient mode is selected will adjust the gradient angle, for radial gradient modes will adjust the radial width.

Color control options

11. Color control options      Click the color boxes to select color, check the select to use the color and in gradient modes the slider will adjust the gradient position.
(Note: slider controls will only be active if three or more colors are selected and for only the internal colors.)

Reset slider values button

12. Reset slider values button     Click to set all gradient shift slider controls to the center positions.

Show Center Lines in Preview options

13. Show Center Lines in Preview options      When checked, will show a center line in preview window, click the box to set the color. Note: the center line will not appear in saved image.

Show Preview button

14. Show Preview button     Click to display any changes in the Fill Control Settings and Options section.

Preview area

15. Preview area     Displays a representation of the background image to be saved, is not to scale.

Save as Image File button

16. Save as Image File button     Click to save background image to a file. A background image settings file will save automatically in the same folder as the background image file.

Open Image Setting File button

17. Open Image Setting File button     Click to open past background image settings file. Will place all settings and options to the states saved in the file.